Residential Home Sensory Sound Experience

One of the most rewarding experiences of my working is helping others experience sound therapy through interactive sessions. Whilst this started off offering support to those in residential homes , it has since extended to many other groups including addiction support groups, clubs and associations and even schools.
Sound healing is an vibrational/energetic healing, using a tool that makes a sound. Sound travels through the air in form of a wave. The measure for sound waves is a Hertz which is abbreviated as Hz.

In the case of the experiences I provide, I will be using tuning forks. Using different tuning forks which have different frequencies/Hz (The measure for sound itself is known as Frequency.) to make a perfect sound; When you strike a tuning fork it causes the air around the fork to vibrate, sending out very strong vibrating impulses through the air.This sound/pitch/vibration is then used around the body. The sound frequencies are thought to help the body/mind with the intention of bringing you into a state of holistic health and well being for both therapeutic and energetic treatments. By having a sound healing you are holistically helping in restoring your bodies vibration to its optimum state at that time.

Many participants find it very enjoyable to take part, it is an experience open to all abilities and ages. I am confident and experienced in dealing with different physical and mental limitations and try to make the experience inclusive for all. I spend up to an hour working in a group setting, where we focus on having fun, listening and using the sounds tools. It is not a strict silent meditation its a collaboration of people using the vibrations in a fun and interactive way. For what seems to have very similar results.

I like to meet the participants and introduce myself with the support of the care providers to start with, so I can be aware of each persons needs. This is particularly helpful in my experience where there are learning difficulties, physical limitations or behavioural triggers. In most circumstances a carer or adult support work will be present in our group work, however this is not always necessary and I go with the guidance of the adult responsible for the persons care.

I appreciate lots of participants have complex medical needs which includes doctors appointments, some mornings longer in bed and or ill health. In order to establish a fair costing for the experience I charge £8 per person who attends and if there are more than 5 people joing in I gift one free place. I can offer the sessions at various times of the day and evening. 

If you think this might be something you would like to offer as a care provider, or you have any questions please use the contact tab to get un touch. I am fully insured and offer letters of recommendation from others here.

If you would like to find out about my publically avaliable group work please visit the events and workshops page here

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