Full Flower and Vibrational Essence Consultation

What are Flower Essences? 

Essences are liquid energetic solutions of the imprint of flowers, plants, trees, herbs, crystals or natural energies/sources. Blended in water and brandy (alcohol) they are combined in dosage bottles to be taken orally, added to bath and body products or used on chakras or meridian points.

How do Essences work?

They work by interacting with our own energy systems.

They can help emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. 

Some examples of how essences may be beneficial.            

Upsets and distress

Tension and strain

Negative emotions


Adjusting to change

Coping with challenges/problems

Concerns or worries 

Focus and direction


Sadness or despondency 

How can I help?

As a qualified practitioner, I have experience in dealing with a variety of essences, where I can blend a combination or provide a single dosage bottle of essence for your personal use and intent. Flower and vibrational essences are a natural way of supporting your holistic health and well being. They are not a substitute for medical care. 

Who can use essences?

Flower and vibrational essences are totally safe , they can be even be used for children, elderly and animals.

What does a consultation involve? 

One to one consultation with Linda, this can take place face to face (depending on travel and circumstances, please get in touch to find out more) 

Or if you would prefer via Skype or telephone.

The consultation can last up to 2 hours and we will discuss in detail your current lifestyle, health and well being, your intention for taking essences and set a goal for 4-6 weeks. You will then be provided a personalised combination dosage bottle of essences 30ml to take for that period of time. During the consultation we may also work with cards, colour, dowsing and or muscle testing. 

How much does it cost and what does this include?

Face to face consultation cost is £25 ( includes first essence dosage bottle to take) one to one session lasting approx. 2 hours 

Skype or Zoom webinar consultations would cost £30 (includes dosage bottle to take and postage) recommended review is every 4-6 weeks usually lasting approx. 1 hour. 

If you need more in-depth support or guidance with essences over a long period of time . I can look at a full treatment plan and provide you with a plan that is tailored to your needs. Please message me for more information on what this may look like for you.  

There is no commitment needed to having regular consultations although lots of clients choose this service once they start experiencing how essences may help them


To book an appointment please contact me