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Buttercup Flower Essence

Buttercup Flower Essence


Buttercup Flower Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Buttercup essence 10ml stock bottle

Buttercup essence is a great essence for anyone who feels they are lacking in their own confidence or abilities. It supports emotions attached to disbelief or hopelessness.

This essence is for someone who is feeling emotionally low, cynical, has been through difficult situation/s, or is having difficulty trusting. It is a perfect essence for allowing emotional space and freedom to shine your unique light in the world. 

It helps us feel a childlike innocence. Feel energetically and emotionally playful and increase our positivity. It can dispel feelings associated to fear and bring a feelings of courage and expression. 

Affirmation ‘I bring joy and hope. I allow my inner child to be free as I shine my light out into the world and realign my own inner resources’

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