Finding out about the Bullet Journal System August 2016

I have always loved to be organised, I have a busy life and if I didn't write things down, make lists, keep a diary and schedule then many areas of my life would be chaotic, stressful or missed.
I also have a profound love for stationary, as I write this I am mentally reviewing how many notebooks I have on the go, how many diary systems I bought the past year and confession time let's say it's far too many to count!
So imagine my surprise when I accidentally came across this video (link) on YouTube. It explained a fully customizable and creative yet fully functional system. Designed by Ryder Carroll (find out more at the official website
Wondering where I had been for the last few years, whilst this whole revolution was taking place, I became super excited at how I could incorporate everything together, create a record I could refer back to and a have system that could grow with me.
I continued to research and found so much information out there that I decided I just needed to grab a note book (I had loads) and get started.
So for a few hours I sat planning, organising and consolidating papers books and my current journal. Then I started trying out this system.

It soon became apparent how I needed everything to be extremely neat, clear and colourful. I liked the system but couldn't find the love for what I was putting down on the pages. I decided to delve into the Internet, Instagram , Pinterest and Goggle to find out more and gain some creative inspiration. I was not disappointed! Thousands of posts and pages appeared and the rest of my day was lost to a beautiful visual buffet of organisation and stationary.

After care consideration of diffrent reviews I decided on the LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebook Medium (A5), 249 numbered pages, dotted in colour anthracite (a dark grey) Like the one above. It was perfect, they come in a vast array of other colours, they have a dedicated index at the front, the pages are numbered and the paper a great quality to stop bleed through and the dots are faint enough that I can write and draw free hand and still make it look neat! They also have a handy pocket at the back and stickers for archiving. If you want one I got mine from amazon feel free to click the picture and it will redirect you to a full selection on amazon. *UPDATE*  I purchased this one in August 2016 and still use this journal for daily writing but you will now see via my social networking that I currently use a Travellers notebook system both A5 and field note size. 

So why use a Bullet Journal?
​Here are a few of my reasons why

I have a million little to-do lists floating around
- I need a central place for birthdays, budgets, projects, events, memories, affirmations - somewhere I can refer back to when needed easily 
- I wanted a central place to focus and maintain goal-setting and habit tracking
- I need a place for details, field notes , seminar notes, people who inspire me names and contact details 
- I love stationery! Everything that helps, journaling, scrapbooking, beautiful pens, stickers, pencils and stencils you name it! 
- I want to be more artistic and creative 
- I want to take organisation to the next level
- I need a place to brain dump my ideas so nothing gets forgotten ( I have lots of them!)
- I need to break things down in detail
- I want a system I can archive and refer back to
- my brain is an amazing resource but whilst focusing on so many things has no space for the new

I will be sharing a selection of blog posts on my use and adaption of this process and welcome you to ask questions and share your ideas.

Happy Journaling!

P.s I was asked about the pens in my picture above they are
STABILO Point 88 Fineliner - 25 Assorted Colours
click the the picture link below to purchase the same ones.


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