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Living Healthy, Living Happy, Living Full'

My Mission Statement:​

To live a life full of happiness, health, peace, contentment, success, excitement, wonder, creativity and magic. And to inspire others to do the same.

My name is Linda Perry, I live in Plymouth in United Kingdom with my husband, my two children and dog. Spending quality time with my family and friends; becoming the best version of me I can be and living life to the full are my top three priorities in life.

Are you focused on your own priorities ?

In order to do that I realised (after many years of acceptance, confusion and denial) that I needed to keep healthy and happy and support those around me. So I changed my career (2007 was a big year of transformation for me) got some amazing mentors and started to make positive changes step by step.

Are you someone who wants to make positive changes in your life?

I am the proud Founder of Natural Magick Flower Essences and Celtic Moontree Essences, A senior distributor and Manager for Simply Natural Plant Derived Minerals, Author and Life Coach. Not to forget a complete internet and social networking addict!

Where does your personal development take you?

My passion for health, happiness and having fun whilst living life to the full has brought this blog to life. It is truly my greatest heart's desire to help others find inspiration, encouragement and fulfilment through a balance of healthy living principles that will nourish your body, mind and soul.

Are you feeling physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally balanced?

The Magick Mummy Blog is a way for me to collate my experiences. Writing and sharing about the topics near and dear to my heart and sharing an insight to my crazy life as an empowered, wild-hearted woman, wife, mother and business owner, whilst inspiring others to also explore and learn how they too can lead a happy healthy and full life.

Are you someone who has a dream and are absolutely committed to settling for nothing less?​

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