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  1. I took essences to help me sleep, the essence made my mind relax, I went into such a deep sleep, the dreams that felt real now only last a split second. I feel rested the whole night.

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  2. Lovely flower essence session with Linda Perry yesterday, been feeling a little out of balance lately so consulted Linda and the flowers to help. She is totally amazing, the process to choose the right essences for me using cards and intuition was spot on. She really took time to work with me on what I needed. Her plant and essence knowledge is second to none, I was very impressed with everything she told me. After taking just two drops of the essence we created I felt better; more grounded, calmer, balanced and protected. Thank you so much!!! Can't recommend this enough for emotional, spiritual and physical support.
    5 star
    Linda's knowledge of Flower Essences is amazing, the results I got from just one session were very good, will definitely be back for more!! Thank you! xx

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  3. The fabulous Linda Perry of Natural Magick Holistic Health and Well-being

    No more words than...Phone Her!!! I'm a total convert!

    Getup & go - Revved! Procrastination - Gone! Stress - Zero Mode

    Don't ask yourself IF, HOW or WHY! Lovely Linda will talk you through the whole process. Then the fun bit starts and you turn into your own essence creator, guided all the way by 'The Flower Essence Aficionado' - Linda for short.

    Look out for one of her workshops or maybe have a personal consultation. A very happy day was had creating my own essences and then getting to try them out over the days ahead.........brilliant!

    Love Lisa X X X

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  4. I went to a Workshop with Linda Perry to learn how to make a wonderful flower essence. I was warmly greeted with a smile and made very comfortable and welcome along with the other ladies that were attending Linda’s Workshop. Linda had made the healing room beautiful and magical. There was candles flickering and incense burning adding to the peaceful ambience. Bottles of all different flower essences were standing neatly in rows as we were asked to select through our intuition a number of cards with a picture of a flower on each. On the other side of the cards was the meaning for each flower and its properties. When we had chosen the flowers that we felt drawn to, Linda explained in great detail what each flower could help us with, including emotions, fears, healing, love, success, confidence etc. I made an essence for Inner-Empowerment and to boost my confidence and self-belief. Linda advised how many flowers to select and if there was another flower that could be added to help with our chosen desire. We had great fun creating our essences and then we were given our labels to write our essence name and what we wanted it to enhance for us.

    It was truly a magical day with lovely people and a wonderful teacher of flower essences. Thank you so much Linda it was amazing x

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